Linguisticly Famous

This is one of my favorite sections because I get to talk about leaders in the linguistic communities. From Professors to Philosophers, let’s take a deep dive into linguists who have changed the game.

Crash Course Linguistics: Morphology

1.1 What is the definition of Morphology?Coined from Greek etymology, Morph- means ‘shape, form’ and -ology simply means ‘the study of -‘. In Linguistics, Morphology is the study of word formation and their internal structure. 1.2 Breaking down MorphologyA word can be broken down into morphemes, which is described as the smallest parts that embodyContinue reading “Crash Course Linguistics: Morphology”

Constructed Languages

Constructed “Artifical” languages are created by people over a period of time. Generally, they are made for a TV show’s fictional world, for actual communication, or even for experiments in linguistics. Often times these languages do not have native speakers/first language speakers; however, Esperanto did, theoretically, break this stigma with Stela, a Native (from birth)Continue reading “Constructed Languages”

Language Revitalization

Language revitalization is an attempt to stop or reverse the decline of a language or to completely revive an extinct one. Languages go extinct for many reasons, for example a language might go extinct because there is a language shift in favor of a more common language. Lingusits, communities, and language fans attempt to reviveContinue reading “Language Revitalization”

Read This Before You Start Learning a New Language: Language-Learning Goals

Goal setting is an important facet of learning languages. There are multiple types of goals when it comes to language learning: short-term to long-term, process goals, performance goals. Effective goals motivate and inspire us, increase success rate, focus us, and reduce frustration. An effective goal setting process helps us understand where we currently are, helpsContinue reading “Read This Before You Start Learning a New Language: Language-Learning Goals”


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