About Me

Language Learner, Linguistic Wanna-Be and Coffee Drinker

The language learning bug bit me when I was about 13 years old. I started taking Latin in middle school all the way through highschool Grade 12.

Today, about 6 years out of highschool, language learning and lingustic study is just a simple passion of mine. I study Italian and read linguistic-related articles.

By 2025, I hope to apply as a PhD candidate to a top Linguistics school in the US to continue my passion. Being a Professor of Linguistics later on in my life would mean I have fulfilled my goal. I am hoping that this blog will help me in my application process as it will be able to show what I have learnt. I am extremely interested in Computational Linguistics.

As of right now, in 2020/2021, I am a traveling Data Migration Specalist/IT Consultant. I migrate data for Fortune 500 companies. I have 2 cats, Bobo and Ahri, and I live in Nebraska.

I appreciate you for clicking on my blog. My email is open to any and all questions/feedback!

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