About Me

Language Learner and Coffee Drinker

The language learning bug bit me when I was about 13 years old. I started taking Latin in middle school all the way through highschool Grade 12, with a teacher who I will call Mr. C.

Mr. C had a really big influence in my language learning journy. I looked up to him when it came to learning Latin (and later, Italian). He was happy to see my interests peek in Italian, and he started offering me exams in Italian and speaking with me daily.

About three years later, when I turned 16, I got on a plane to Italy and went and spent a summer in San Benedetto del Tronto with four host families. It was fantastic, living an Italian life, even it was only for a summer. The day I left, I knew I’d return to live there full time – whenever that may happen.

Today, language learning a passion of mine. I study Italian daily and speak with my iTalki teacher weekly. I listen to other languages and also read about language acquisition in my free time.

I appreciate you for clicking on my blog. Enjoy your stay, and my email is open to any and all questions/feedback! I want to create a community of people that love learning languages.

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